About Us

Better Instant Copy is a licensed copy and legal service company located in Beverly Hills area. We have been providing competent and efficient services in Southern California since 1994, especially to local attorneys, offering them assistance on a regular basis.

Partners Boaz and Else combined their extensive experiences in the Insurance and Legal Service field to grow the company. They believe in the importance of building relationships and going the extra mile to help clients. They would often be quoted saying,

"We not only work for our clients, we work WITH them."

This philosophy holds true in every process of the business. Not only do we strive to build relationships with our clients and the facilities we come in contact with, but we also keep up with the latest technology to deliver the most efficient and effective services. We designed our processes to be highly HIPAA  compliant to ensure protection against unauthorized use and disclosure of personal information.

We do our best to accommodate their requests and tight deadlines. Nothing but personal attention and resourcefulness can be expected from our staff.